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Why Google+ Hangouts Trump Skype

hangoutI know what you may be thinking. “I’m comfortable with Skype. I’m used to it.” When someone first suggested Hangouts to me, I thought the same thing. However, going with the flow of the meeting organizer, I began attending weekly meetings using the Google+ platform. Now that I’m past the resistance to trying something new and the ten minute set-up time is out of the way, I much prefer Google+ Hangouts. Here are a few reasons why you should consider making the switch:

  • You can have up to ten people in a video conference. Using Skype, you are required to upgrade to their premium plan in order to chat with more than one person. In my experience, the quality of a Hangout has always been exceptional.
  • Google+ now offers Hangouts on Air which not only allows you to broadcast your Hangout to an unlimited number of viewers, but also gives you the option of recording your broadcast. A Google player will be displayed on your Google+ profile homepage as well as your YouTube channel.
  • Google+ Hangouts is super easy to use. Once you get the set-up out of the way, Hangouts are a breeze. You can start a Hangout from your Gmail chat or your Google+ account. The interface is even more intuitive than Skype’s particularly Google+’s screensharing feature.
  • App integration with Hangouts make the experience even better. There are all kinds of fun apps you can add to your Hangout, but most importantly for business uses, you can collaborate on Google Docs during your video conference.

So overall, I highly recommend checking out Hangouts. The benefits for using it as a business tool are many: meetings, improved customer service, webinars, live broadcasts, technology walk-throughs, the list goes on and on.

What’s your experience with Hangouts?