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Is the Internet Changing the Way We Feel?

In light of the many changes in various social media platforms, mostly having to do with making images bigger and better, it emphasizes the well-known notion that we live and thrive in a visual age.

By instinctual nature, humans are naturally sensory beings. As we get deeper into the age of technology and the Internet, we become more and more connected to our electronics: laptops, iPads, Kindles, smartphones…the list of must-have gadgets gets longer and longer. And what is the one out of the five senses that we can most easily stimulate in the world of technology? Right! Vision!

It brings many questions to the forefront of my mind. When we rely heavily on virtual communication and aren’t able to sense the emotion behind the words, what is the impact on human communication?

When we aren’t able to touch and feel, will we over time rely less on this sense or will we be desensitized to touch?

The true impact of technology on human emotions remains to be seen, but in the meantime, the current landscape of one of the most popular human activities, the Internet, continues to feed our voracious appetites for visual stimulation.

Isn’t it interesting…

I collected the following images from Wikimedia and my own personal collection into a slideshow to demonstrate the power of visuals on our emotions. Think about how these images make you feel. That’s the power of an image in marketing!

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