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Smart Goal Setting for A Successful Reality

With the onset of a new year and renewed energy and optimism for all that the year holds for us, our minds inevitably turn to resolutions. “Lose weight! Eat healthy! Get fit! Save money! Spend money!” Weʼre inundated with countless reminders, and itʼs become a New Yearʼs tradition for many. Somewhat of an obligation brought to the forefront of our minds by the prolific messages pushed out by the media and circles abuzz with their big hopes and plans. I have lots of goals for the new year, so many in fact, that the difficulty lies in focusing on them individually, and I tend to get […]

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Have You Ever Wanted to Schedule Your Gmails?

Here’s a handy gadget available in Firefox or Chrome browsers that allows you to schedule emails in your Gmail account. Not only that, but you can have emails “boomerang” back to your inbox when you need to be reminded of them. So when an email is open for a workshop you have coming up in a week, you can archive the message only to bring it back into your inbox the day before. AND, you also have the capability to schedule reminders if you don’t hear back from someone in a certain time period so you can follow up. Here […]

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