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Incorporate Webinars Into Your Marketing Strategy

  So, you’ve decided that a webinar can really help you to promote a product or service you are excited about sharing with everyone! Do you have questions about where to start and how it all works? Well, fret no more, and get your calendar out to schedule your first webinar because here are the steps to take to get you to showtime:   Choose your platform. There are dozens of webinar platforms out there to pick from so think about what your needs are for your presentation and audience. How many people do you project will attend? Will you be […]

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Three Reasons Why Email Marketing Needs to be Part of Your Strategy

1) According to a Pew Internet survey, 92% of internet users utilize email.   2) For every $1 spent on email marketing a whopping $40.56 is seen in return (Direct Marketing Association, “The Power of Direct”, 2011)   3) 59% of B2B marketers say that email is the most effective channel for generating revenue   These statistics lend overwhelming possibility to a well thought out, strategic email marketing campaign. Email marketing is all about developing a trusting relationship with potential clients. In order to this you must ask yourself the question “What is the most valuable content that I can deliver […]

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